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Important: Print or save this page and keep it in you car. No phone service in San Juanico to check directions once here.

How to get there?

Please note that phone service is not available in San Juanico so it is better to download the MAPSME application on your phone to use for directions. Either if you arrive at Loreto airport and you come from North, or if you arrive at La Paz/Los Cabos airports and you come from South, you have to get to Ciudad Insurgentes and turn right (if coming from North) or go straight (if coming from South) towards la Purisima/San juanico. About 35 km before la Purisima turn left towards Las Barrancas/San Juanico (there is a sign that says "San Juanico" completely covered with surf stickers). Bring water with you as it can be a hot journey and remember to fill your gas tank at Ciudad Insurgentes. From either Loreto or La Paz to get to San Juanico it will take you about 4,5 hours considering a couple of stops. VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SAFETY: the most dangerous thing in Baja are the animals on the road that seem to love that yummy looking green grass that grows along the edge of the asphalt due to night/day temperature switch that condensate water in the air and drops it on ground making it possible for the grass to grow even in the dry desert. So avoid driving at night and if you do, go slow especially close to turns. A much higher level of attention even at day time and all along the road is required during rain season (august-october) as there's is green grass everywhere  and animals cross the road from one side to the other continuously.


Once you get in San Juanico keep going straight along the main road trough town. Once the pavement ends keep going straight about 300 yards and take your third right just before the Charro little shop. Than go straight for 400 more yards and take your third left, the road will make a right turn that you have to follow and after that about 500 yards you'll arrive at the Bungalows.


Calle Punta de las Ballenas #9, San Juanico, BCS 23812



Any questions about San Juanico, our bungalows or E-Bikes?...

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