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A Bite of Divide

Nothing less and nothing more than what the name of this tour says....yes, this is and actual good off-the-grid piece of the famous Baja Divide Trail, maybe the one with the biggest variety of landscapes.  With the option of extending the trip to reach the Mission of Guadalupe on the high sierra, this route will start from home in the Pacific Ocean and will go up and drop steep through the reddish dirt of the Sea of Cortez side all the way to the historic town of Muleje where riders will enjoy good local restaurants and hotel. Captain Alex will load the bikes on his panga early morning and get the group across the Conception Bay before the wind picks up where the most remote area of the trip will start. This different lonely peninsula that incloses the Bay is quite unique and easy to ride if hurricanes had left roads intact during rainy season. About half way down the peninsula the hidden oasis of El Salto will refill everyone's tank of fresh spring water and refresh riders to get ready for the rest of the trip. 

After turning off to the unique coast of San Nicolas we will head back across the sierra further south passing through La Purisima dates palm oasis and finally get home. Definitely our real bikepacking option for real adventurers and for riders that want to get a first guided approach to the Baja Divide Trail.

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-02 a la(s) 9.55.05.png

DISTANCE: 370KM aprox. / 6-7d

CLIMBING: medium/hard

TERRAIN: rocks, gravel, sand, fresh water crossing

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-02 a la(s) 9.55.30.png


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