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The Mission

This route goes the deepest in the Sierra that you can go, to the hidden iconic Mission of Guadalupe where once a year all the families of all surroundings valleys gathers to celebrate the Saint. This slow, long day-and-a-half climb along jurassic river beds and fine organic goat cheese producers ranches will through the riders back of a few hundred years without need to go to the cinema. After riding a bit of the Baja Divide trail that connects the two seas, we will detour towards the very high part of the sierra where those with some calories left in the tank will face an epic hike to the top and maybe be lucky to have a 360degrees view of both seas. Fresh, mountain water, breakfast-lunch-dinner burritos and coffee are provided by the nicest ranch ladies and stories about mountain lions will be told by real cowboys!

DISTANCE: 200KM aprox. / 3-4d

CLIMBING: medium/hard

TERRAIN: rocks, gravel, sand, fresh water crossing

Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-02 a la(s) 7.10.39.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-10-02 a la(s) 7.11.24.png


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